Comprehensive yet straightforward

CarbonView is a comprehensive world-class software designed to help businesses improve their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint

Efficient Data Capturing

  • Carbon measurement and sustainability reporting in accordance with all global standards (NGER, GHG Protocol, DEFRA, etc)
  • Customisable metrics and emission sources
  • Direct integration with existing systems
  • Bulk data upload

Interactive & dynamic reporting

  • Interactive reporting suite including ad hoc reports
  • Automated standard reporting with real-time calculation
  • Dynamic dashboards tailored to user profiles
  • Efficient distribution – publish, export, schedule or email reports

Benchmarking & performance Management

  • Establish absolute and intensity targets
  • Visibility across the enterprise or throughout the supply chain
  • Track performance against defined targets to drive ROI
  • Carbon abatement and energy efficiency projects

Compliance & user friendly

  • Strong security capabilities & data privacy
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Robust auditability for compliance reporting
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Benefits for your Business

Simplified data collection and reduced cost of carbon footprinting and compliance reporting

Build interactive and dynamic dashboards and reports for all stakeholders

Effectively manage your performance against targets, carbon abatement and resource efficiency projects

Purchase and manage offsets via our website (coming soon)

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Launching December 2021

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