Save time and effort capturing data

Flexibility to collect and manage all types of data from energy to waste

Connect to multiple sources such as smart meters and existing systems

Uncomplicated direct integration of data via API web services

Confidently create reliable reports for maximum insight

Build your own custom, dynamic reports

Automated reporting with real-time calculation

Submission ready auditable reports

Communicate key trends

Dynamic dashboards tailored to user profiles

Engaging user interface delivers visually stimulating graphs

Tailored for all organisations; from small to global enterprises

Drive performance

Track and manage progress against absolute and intensity targets

Visibility across the enterprise and supply chain

Track performance against targets to drive ROI

Measure in accordance with global standards

Easily report against international standards

GHG Protocol, NGERS, DEFRA and more

Different language versions available

Access data on demand anywhere, anytime

Robust, cloud based solution

No software to be installed on individual machines

Amazon Webservices