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Safeguard baselines table now available

26 August 2016

The Clean Energy Regulator today published a list of facilities that have been issued a reported baseline determination under the safeguard mechanism.

To date, 162 facilities have received a reported baseline determination under the safeguard mechanism representing a broad range of sectors, including electricity generation, mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, transport and waste.

Inclusion on the safeguard baselines table does not mean a facility will be covered by the safeguard mechanism for 2016-17. Coverage will depend on whether the facility’s covered emissions for 2016-17 exceed the 100 000 tonne CO2-e safeguard threshold.

The safeguard baselines table includes the name and ABN of the responsible emitter, the state or territory of operation and the current baseline (number and type) for each facility.

All responsible emitters with safeguard facilities have been notified of their baseline determination and inclusion in the safeguard baselines table.

The safeguard baselines table will be updated on a weekly basis as baseline determinations are made and new information becomes available to the Clean Energy Regulator.

Visit the Clean Energy Regulator website for more information.