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Press Release: Acresta launches GridAnalytics Energy Management Solution

5 May 2014

Sydney, 5 May 2014: Software solutions provider Acresta has launched their new Energy Management software solution, GridAnalytics™ at CeBIT in Sydney today. The GridAnalytics™ solution (a sister solution to Acresta’s enterprise Carbon Management solution CarbonView)  is comprised of interactive dashboards that give real-time data feeds and intuitive drop-down navigation to view detailed energy consumption. The dashboards are accessible not only on desktop computers but also on tablet, mobile and kiosk or lobby displays.

GridAnalytics™ can be used by residents as well as councils, SMEs or industrial and commercial buildings. Acresta also partners with preferred energy hardware suppliers to supply and install energy meters as well as energy consultants, offering the customer an end-to-end energy management solution.

Fadi Geha, CEO of Acresta commented, ” GridAnalytics™  will help organisations to better understand their energy consumption which will enable them to make informed decisions about ways to reduce wastage and unnecessary spending.”

Visit the Acresta team at CeBIT at to find out more.

  • Acresta – Stand J33 in Zone 6 (Mobility) and
  • GridAnalytics™ – Stand S127 in Zone 4 (Startups)

About Acresta

Acresta is a global provider of enterprise software solutions and services with headquarters in Sydney, delivering innovative business software solutions. As an enterprise partner of BlinkMobile, we deliver customised mobile apps and mobile forms, mobile enabling workforces with minimal customer IT resources. Acresta’s product portfolio also includes CarbonView (sustainability software) and Good Technology (secure data on mobile devices).

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Fadi Geha, CEO, Acresta
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