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Press Release: Acresta announces Pangolin Associates as strategic channel partner for CarbonView

6 May 2013
Acresta announces Pangolin Associates as strategic channel partner for CarbonView

Acresta, owner of leading sustainability software solution CarbonView today announced the appointment of Pangolin Associates, a leading provider of energy, carbon and sustainability consultancy services as a strategic channel partner within the Australia market.

The appointment of a highly reputable consultancy provider comes as the company moves to consolidate its position at the forefront of Australia’s carbon, energy and sustainability software solutions market. Current and future clients will benefit from Acresta’s ongoing investment in CarbonView’s product development and Pangolin’s consultancy and support service to identify areas for improvement, realize financial savings, improve business process and achieve reductions in environmental impact.

Acresta welcomes the Pangolin Associates team, all of whom have a significant depth of expertise in greenhouse gas assessments, verifications and assurance, energy efficiency audits, carbon strategy and risk management, NGER compliance, carbon neutrality and offsetting advice.

Fadi Geha, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Acresta, commented on the partnership, “This is a significant partnership for us and I look forward to working with Pangolin Associates as they take the CarbonView solution to market. Partnering with Pangolin is a very logical step for Acresta, particularly as we both have considerable experience with government, educational institutions and corporate organizations.”

Leading organizations recognize that energy management is an important financial issue and are demanding cloud-based, enterprise-wide software to manage everything from their data capture through to analysis and reporting. CarbonView meets this demand.
Continuous improvement requires ongoing support. This involves identifying resource efficiency opportunities, undertaking detailed analysis for decision making and planning for results. Pangolin’s expert services ensure that organizations identify opportunities for improvement by providing comprehensive energy audits, which have delivered thousands of dollars savings through the implementation of initiatives and data monitoring services.
Pangolin Associates Joint Managing Director, Iain Smale, adds, “The process to select a software partner that best complements Pangolin’s suite of services has been extensive. We are confident that our partnership with Acresta will add value to our service offering and benefit our clients.”


About Acresta

Acresta is a provider of enterprise software solutions within the sustainability and mobility sphere. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Acresta delivers innovative business software solutions to meet the needs of today’s enterprises and the environment in which they operate. Their loyal and global customer base covers a multitude of industries including local and state government, education, banking and financial services, logistics and distribution, mining and power generation as well as the hospitality industry.

For more information please contact
Fadi Geha, CEO, Acresta,
p: +612 8208 3366


About Pangolin Associates

Pangolin Associates is a leading provider of energy, carbon and sustainability consultancy services. With offices around Australia, Pangolin offers a wide range of tailored services to local and state government, education, small to medium enterprises and corporate organizations.

For more information please contact
Iain Smale, Joint Managing Director, Pangolin Associates Pty Ltd,
+61 2 8005 6300